Welcome to the European Strategic Institute

The world is changing and geopolitical volatility continues unabated.

Globalisation, digitalisation, climate change, demographic change, migration as well as refugee flows, numerous crises and conflicts – to name just a few of the most important trends – lead to a number of manifest and difficult-to-calculate risks as well as a multitude of hot spots. These pose major challenges to decision-makers worldwide who must navigate their businesses in these geostrategic confusions. Information has become the all-important resource to protect democracy, the rule of law and economic prosperity against threats and instability.

The European Strategic Institute provides you with the information you need to gain both global insight and insight to make the right business decisions in a globalised and increasingly complex world. It supports you with exclusive information on all national and international economic areas and provides individually tailored orientation and decision-making aids. The Institute’s geostrategic and geopolitical case studies and analyses allow (family) entrepreneurs as well as managers to gain an insight into current and future developments in international economics, finance, politics and diplomacy and thus contribute, for example, to securing strategic corporate planning or concrete investment decisions.

The European Strategic Institute sees itself as a politically independent platform for an in-depth dialogue between entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, strategists and academics. Furthermore, it is committed to improving the state of knowledge about economic interrelationships and to a more active role for Germany and Europe in shaping the international geoeconomy.

The European Strategic Institute was founded in 2004 by several family entrepreneurs and partners in Hamburg, is supported by an International Advisory Committee and cooperates with renowned international institutions.

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